The vRemind App

Every year about 20 Lakh children lose their lives from missing vaccinations in India. From newborn to 5 years old, your child is required to be vaccinated against numerous diseases with a series of vaccinations following the IAP (India Academy of Pediatrics) - recommended calendar

Parents forgetting these vaccinations is an issue in children missing their vaccinations. The vRemind App will provide you with a timely vaccination reminders so you never forget again. It allows you time to book doctor appointment, then record all vaccination details easily so they can be accessed whenever needed.

Features of the vRemind App

  • Easy to set up and Register with your Facebook or Google + Account
  • Automatically sends you reminders of all your child’s vaccinations
  • Easy to keep a digital record of all your childs vaccination records
  • View the IAP approved Vaccination Schedule
  • Track your child’s height and weight against national averages
  • Easily share with your friends and family
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Frequently Asked Questions

We remind you against all Vaccinations as outlined in the IAP Schedule. All of these vaccinations are mandatory and free for your child from a local paediatrician or paramedics

Once you have downloaded the app you can register with your Facebook or Google+ account details. You are then required to enter some information about your child or children including name, birth date, height, weight. Then when it is time for your child’s vaccinations the app will send you notifications 7 days before and 1 day before to allow you time to book. Once the vaccination has been given to your child you can then record the details in the app for safe keeping.

We will send you reminders for all mandatory vaccinations as outlined in the IAP Schedule. You can also view this schedule and upcoming vaccinations within the app. You will receive a notification 7 days before the vaccination and then again 1 day before. Once the vaccination has been given and you have recorded the vaccination you will then be sent a confirmation message. Reminders will be sent via app notification or can be viewed on the app opening screen.

You can download the app through the Google Play store (link to app page) on your android phone or tablet.

vRemind supports Android Phone/Tablet. We will be launching iOS app very soon.

If you are having trouble registering please contact our support email at