vRemind is a social enterprise committed to reducing under 5 child mortality in India due to vaccine preventable diseases.

Our aim is increase immunisation for children by providing timely immunisation reminders to parents and increasing immunisation awareness.

Our Focus is to:

  • Use simple yet effective approaches to reach everyone eligible for immunization
  • Ensure maximum reach across the country by increasing awareness for immunization
  • Provide free vaccination reminders upto 5 years of age
  • Remind about National Polio Vaccination by Govt. of India

Why We Do

When our children were young , like many, we accidently missed their vaccinations through forgetting that they were due. After talking with several friends, relatives and collegues we realised that this was a common problem.

With further research we discovered this was a big problem in India with lakhs of children becoming sick, disabled and dying through curable diseases that could have been prevented through vaccinations.

Thus we set up vRemind.org to help other parents like us ensure there children are immunized in a timely manner and protected from life threatening diseases.

The Problem

Every year around 20 lakh children in India lose their lives from missing vaccinations*. These vaccinations are free for all children under the age of 5 in India.

Various studies show that large number of kids miss their vaccinations because of parents forgetting the vaccination scheduled dates or from lack of awareness on immunization and required vaccinations.

Our Approach

Through simple and effective solutions we raise awareness around immunisation and provide parents with timely vaccination reminders for children under the age of 5. Thus helping in protecting children from preventable life threatening diseases.

Our Solutions

SMS Vaccination Reminders:

Available for everyone with a working phone, this easy to use service sends an SMS service 7 days and 1 day prior to all required vaccinations for your child.

App Reminders and Vaccination records:

Available free through the Google Play Store this solution sends you a message 7 days and 1 day prior to all required vaccinations for your child. The app also provides details of your child’s immunization schedule and allows you to record all vaccination details.

Advisory Members


Stephane William Eboko

"Never hesitate to jump at the sun. It doesn't matter if you reach the sun, but at least your feet will have left the earth“ - African Proverb

M. Eboko is a trusted advisor to several organizations in emerging markets in areas such as business strategy, business modeling, revenue generation and fundraising, growth strategies and cross-sectorial alliances. His purpose is to add value to every venture he’s engaged with, through financing, valuation, lean business models, growth strategies, new engagement platforms and South-South partnerships. He’s been fortunate to engage in various endeavors in Eastern and Southern Africa, as well as India.

Paul _Goff

Paul Goff

With a strong background in business and engineering Paul laid the foundations of his experience working at Deloitte Consulting for over 7 years. His experience covered working in North America and Europe on a number of major business transformation projects in a variety of industry sectors. Paul has become an independent consultant and advisor for a number of international organisations in London and Asia.

Throughout his career Paul has supported the development of Social Enterprises. He is currently actively involved in the development of Social Enterprise's across India and South East Asia.