About SMS Reminders

From newborn to 5 years old, your child is required to have several different Vaccinations to keep them healthy.

As busy parents remembering when all of these vaccinations are due is hard. With the vRemind free SMS Reminder service we help you to make sure your child gets all necessary vaccinations by sending you an SMS 7 days and 1 day before each Vaccination is due.

To Register, all you need to do is send an SMS from a working phone number with any provider in India. If you have a Smartphone you can download and use the vRemind App with added functionality Download app

The service is free to everyone in India so register today!

How to register?


There are two ways to register for SMS vaccination reminders. One is to send an SMS from your mobile in the below format and another you can register through online form.

Register through SMS

Its easy to register for this free service by sending us an SMS message of filling in the online form below

Send the following SMS message to 56263:

REMIND [Childs Date of Birth DD-MM-YY] [Childs Name]

E.g REMIND 16-09-16 Kittu

Once you have sent your SMS message you will instantly receive a confirmation back that you are registered for vaccination reminders.

You will then receive your vaccination reminders 7 days and 1 day before you required vaccination. You can see the schedule here.

Register through Online Form

Frequently Asked Questions

We remind you against all Vaccinations as outlined in the IAP Schedule. All of these vaccinations are mandatory and free for your child from a local paediatrician or paramedics.

We will send you reminders for all mandatory vaccinations as outlined in the IAP Schedule. You can also view this schedule within the app. You will receive an SMS message 7 days before the vaccination and then again 1 day before.

If you registered via SMS please make sure you sent the message to 56263 in the exact format as below: REMIND [dd-mm-yy of Birth] [Childs Name] e.g. REMIND 16-09-16 Kittu

If you registered through the online please ensure you entered the correct phone number.

If you are still have trouble please contact info@vRemind.org

Are there any requirements to be able to register?

To make use of the service your child or children must be 5 or under at the age of registration. If your child is older you can still download and register for our App (link) to record your vaccination reminders.

Everyone in India can register to this service.

The service is free to everyone in India - it won’t cost you anything